10 Smart Baby Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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Being a new parent is often a difficult and terrifying test and getting a little help is always useful. That’s why these hacks will save you time and you will stop worrying about small things so you can spend more time with your baby.


1. During the bath place your baby in a plastic basket to prevent him from falling and his toys float near him
two babies inside a plastic basket inside the bathtub with toys.

2. Use a bathing cap to prevent water from getting in your kids eyes.

3. Put silicone on the sole of your kid’s shoes to keep them from slipping putting silicone on the bottom of a girl’s shoes.

colocando silicón a la zuela de los zapatos de una niña

4. Avoid accidents with the doors using a pool noodle on the edge of the door to avoid accidents.

Fideo de piscina en la orilla de la puerta para evitar accidentes


5. … Also use them to avoid knocks on the corners of your furniture.

Esquinas de los muebles con fideos de piscina

6. If your baby’s teeth are coming out, fill an ice cube with milk or juice and turn your pacifiers into an ice palette.

Cubitera llena de chupones con hielo de jugo

7. … also put a bit of applesauce in a towel dipped in cold water, roll it up and give it to your baby to suck it.

Proceso de poner puré de manzana en una toallita mojada

8. To avoid mosquitoes cover with a sheet the upper part of the playpen.

Corralito de bebé con una sábana encima en un jardín

9. Open the flaps of the juice boxes, so your child can use them as handles.

Niño sosteniendo su jugo de las solapas de los costados

10. For your child to learn which shoe should go on each foot cut a decal in two and place half in the left shoe and the other half in the right.


Zapatos de un niño con la mitad de una calcomanía en el pie izquierdo y la otra mitad en el derecho


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