DADDYCHECKTHISOUT.COM is a web magazine run by J C. Tristan, a father of a child who happens to love original and cool products.

My goal with this website is to show you the coolest products for children that I have found, products that make you say: “This will make my son look so cute”, “this is weird but I want it for my child”; I am not interested in showing you the typical stroller that you will find in any online store, but only the oddest, innovative and why not fun gadgets and gears.

This website also has a general baby blog because I love to write, and whatever pops into my head about babies and I think can be useful to you, I will write it, even if it is not about baby products.

Since I am a participant in several affiliate programas, It is possible that when you buy a product clicking on any of the links I will get a commission, but even if I do not, this is not the main goal, many of the products that you see here I feature them without compensation, this is just for you to have fun while you are the parent of a baby.

You may contact me at [email protected]

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