Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Review– Nursing Timer And Safety

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Halo bassinest swivel sleeper review by Yazmin Rangel.– Can you imagine leaving your little one in a safe place and next to you while you sleep knowing that you will have complete and easy access?

If you are one of those love giving moms who love to co-sleep with their child when they are breastfeeding, you know that this can lead to a whole world of issues; it is nice to feel close to your child, but it could be a bit risky to sleep with your child in bed next to you without a barrier.

This is because you could roll over on your baby, drop them off the bed and a number of other unimaginable issues can arise.  Even if you do not want to acknowledge that there are safety issues with co-sleeping without a barrier you may need to acknowledge that there are other issues as well.

Partners also need time to bond and connect after the baby has been born.  Especially first-time parents need to learn to actually become parents.  This also includes getting some much-needed relaxation time away from the child for each parent as an individual.  This cannot happen if you are in the habit of co-sleeping with your baby.  And besides, do you want to be sleeping with your child until they are five or six?, it is important to know that co-sleeping and promote this type of behavior.


In this occasion, and because you are doing your research to see the best option for co-sleeping safely we will review the pros, cons, and function of the Halo Bassinest, its nursing timer and its safety, which you can say, is the middle of both worlds.

I was a breastfeeding mother, and was very strictly warned not to put the baby in the bed with me when I was sleeping, but what was I supposed to do then?  They were also very strict about keeping up with timing and switching sides during breastfeeding, for appropriate and even release.  I was overwhelmed with all of the information that they were feeding to me all at once but I tried to keep up.  Finally, my doctors recommended a number of different options, but one of them was the HALO BASSINEST.  It gave the feeling of co-sleeping, without actually allowing the baby in the bed.  It would make breastfeeding easier at night without having to crawl around and grope my way to another room to find the baby.


This bassinet provides a very safe sleeping space for your baby in your room, right in bed with you, without actually being in the bed.  The bassinet has a 360-degree swivel that makes it easy for mom or dad to move the bassinet part anywhere they need to.  The bassinet is turned so that it is over top of your bed.  Then the baby is placed inside and it is almost like they are sleeping right beside you.  The base of the bassinet also slides under the bed to be mostly out of the way.

The bassinet comes with an easy to fold down the wall for very easy access to baby.  Women who are breastfeeding and women who have had C-sections will find using this bassinet is incredible.  The base of this incredible bassinet very easily slides under the bed so it is out of the way, but unfortunately is rather large.  This means that a portion of the base sticks out and needs to be watched as it poses a tripping hazard.


There are four different levels of this bassinet and each one comes with a different set of features.  The basic model, which is known as the Essentia Series, comes with one storage pocket, a retractable side wall, and a fitted sheet.  This storage pocket can come in handy and the retractable sidewall makes it very easy to access the child.  The next model up comes with all of that plus an additional side pocket, vibration, lullabies and nature womb sounds, a nightlight and a nursing timer.  Two storage pockets were an amazing help and my baby absolutely loved the vibration and sound mechanism.  This is known as the Premiere Series.  The Luxe and Luxe Plus Series both come with all of this, plus a floor light and storage caddy.  I did not opt for this because the price difference did not warrant only getting a storage caddy and floor light.


There is a nursing timer that comes with this bassinet and it is one of the greatest features of the whole thing. Its nursing timer helped me remember when to feed and how long to feed on each side.  It also helped me to time between feeding so that it was easier when I went to talk to my doctor about it.  It was loud enough to wake me but not so loud that it woke my husband beside me or the rest of the house.  It also helped to keep me awake during the feeding so that I could switch sides on time.

Don’t get me wrong, the storage pockets were a lifesaver at times and the nature sounds helped my baby fall asleep every time, but the breastfeeding timer was an absolute lifesaver.  The whole time I was in the hospital they kept stressing to me how important it was that I get correctly timed on both sides so that there was no swelling and no mismatched growth.  They also never failed to remind me that both breasts needed to be relieved.  This timer was awesome.


  • The one with the little bulb is the nightlight, if you press it twice it increases brightness and a third time will turn it off (it also shuts down after half an hour.
  • The button with speaker and musical notes pictures will turn on the sounds.
  • The little one with the mom and child is the nursing timer,
  • The weird one that I guess is a baby in the bassinet being rocked is the vibrator button.
  • There is another button for the Luxe/Luxe Plus model, which is the floor light.



The safety of the Halos is something that has not been called in to question.  The frame of the bassinet is very durable and heavy as this is not a portable bassinet.  The whole thing is meant to promote safety in the first place by keeping mommy from rolling over on the baby.  The collapsible wall is safely fastened so that it does not easily come down if yanked on by the baby.  The bassinet has mesh sides so that the baby may be easily viewed and has a lot of breathing space, and the sheet that comes with it is fitted well.  This means that the baby will not get easily bunched up in the sheets and has maximum breathing room.  This bassinet provides maximum safety for co-sleeping.


Probably my only concern is that the Halo Bassinest does not seem sturdy enough and the material feels like it is going to break at my touch, but so far so good.


There are a lot of different pros and cons that can be seen in the Halo.

The pros are:

  • A safe option for co-sleeping
  • Smart features included
  • 360-degree swivel feature
  • Collapsible side wall lowers for easy access to baby
  • All walls are mesh for best breathability
  • Sounds and vibration for baby
  • Durable
  • Perfect for breastfeeding mothers or mothers who have had a C-section

The cons are:

  • The cons to this seemingly wonderful machine are that it is very heavy and large.  That makes the halo bassinet a non-portable option.
  • Also, even though the base goes partially under the bed it is still very wide.  This can be a problem since this poses a tripping hazard, especially at night.  This can be prevented if you place a light where you will remember that there is something extra next to your bed.


One of the things that you can see as an advantage but also as a con is that your baby can use the halo bassinest until he/she reaches around 9.1 kg (more or less 20 pounds) or until your baby starts to pull up by themselves, or when they can sit up without your help, when they are able to push themselves with their knees, feet, and hands.

Having said that, if you are pregnant and your baby seems to be tall or he/she looks like is going to reach the weight limit too soon, I would suggest checking out other options.


The overall score of the Halo bassinet is about a 4.8 out of 5.  It serves its purpose like it is supposed to, and it does it safely.  There are drawbacks that cannot be ignored all of the time, which is why it did not get a perfect 5 out of 5.  The pros definitely way outweigh the cons in this case and I would make the same exact purchase again if I had the choice.  It was excellent as I breastfed my brand new baby, and I didn’t want to co-sleep anyway, so this stopped the urge to do that as well.  The Halo bassinet gave me perfect access to my baby through all hours of the night and the breastfeeding timer was definitely one of this item’s greatest features.

This bassinet is heavy and durable, plus it is sturdy enough to hold your child correctly.  The swivel feature was a big help when I needed to get out of bed at night at first, and was still great as I used it over time, just not as needed.  The bassinet is not portable but who really needs it to be.  If you were going on vacation you could always break it down and take it with you.  No, it wouldn’t be easy, nor would it be cheap if you were flying, but it may be something that you and your baby both grow accustomed to having.

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The Halo is totally worth it if you are concerned with your kid’s safety while you sleep but also want to have them close to you. Either way, the ultimate choice is yours.  Co-sleeping may not be something that you are concerned with doing, or you may not be a breastfeeding mother.

A bassinet for sleeping just is not an option for some people, while it is for others.  It is basically a matter of preference in which sleeping method you use for your newborn baby, even if it is co-sleeping.  The fold-down door does make this bassinet and absolutely wonderful bassinet and gives very easy access to your child when they are distressed in the middle of the night.  This bassinet can definitely save you from a lot of heartache and sleepless nights, and can also promote a sense of calm in your baby.  The sound machine and the vibration are amazing features that I could not have lived without.  The choice is yours, make the right choice for yourself.

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