Potty Training Hacks For Toddlers That Actually Work!!!

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Potty training was difficult for me as a parent. I really did not know how to go about it, or when to start. It was a total frustration.

What we were sure of was that we did not want to do this in a rush, Neither did my wife want to force him to learn fast, much less put pressure on him.

When you potty train, do not scold your child when there is an accident. When we learn something new, we make mistakes and that is normal. When they learn to walk, they fall, and we do not dispute them. It’s the same when we potty train our kids.

Do not humiliate them when an accident happens, the typical: “you’re a bad girl/boy, you peed in your pants”, should be banned. It seemed natural to me until I heard some of our relatives say that to one of my nephews … We do not like to be humiliated, neither children, especially in the learning phase.


  • For each pee and poop, your child can have the right to stick a sticker on their pot. That will be a fun challenge! Then, little by little, they will forget the stickers, and peeing the pot will become natural (I have used these, but you may use whatever stickers you want).


  • Read your kid some entertaining books on the subject with characters they can relate to and imitate.


  • Stay with them at the beginning, be their companion to reassure them, those things that come out of their body are, for them initially, not normal. their pee and poo are, in their mind, an integral part of his body. they will have the impression of losing something. You have to play down all and explain why, why we pee and poop, what it is, etc … Then, little by little, when your kid understands, leave him his intimacy.


  • A child likes to be congratulated, like every self-respecting human being, but do not exaggerate.


  • Be patient, this will be an excellent opportunity to test and develop your patience and humor. Do not lose confidence, your child will succeed. We all struggle to achieve things,.The only watchword, I will say, is to trust your kid.


  • Do not put pressure on yourself, and do not put pressure on your toddler.


  • Do not make comparisons with other children, everyone advances at their own pace, not because your neighbour’s child is already pooping in the toilet that you will feel frustrated. Every person is different, and that’s good!


  • Leave the pot available at all times. I know that it’s not really a decal for the living room, but it will be much easier for them. If the pot does not work, try the bowl reducer, nothing better than imitating mom or dad, proud on the real throne!



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