Propel Millennium Falcon Drone

Let your little smuggler become the commander of the Propel Millennium Falcon Drone, together you and your kid (one of you will be Chewbacca, and we all know who… sorry) will elude the Imperial Starfleet and destroy the Death Star.

This drone will delight the whole family, from the youngest of the house, since its materials and the disposition of the propellers make it totally safe., Now, there is a downside, regulations in the US will make your Millennium Falcon Drone highly taxable and you will need to comply with many regulations, but if you want it so much, I think it is worthy.


Now, there is a smaller alternative, which is the Millennium Falcon Mini Drone by Air Hogs:


A little weird to see that Disney logo. but oh well.

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Drone is a mini drone easy and fun to fly, although I have to say that it is below in benefits of other mini drones in terms of functionality and features, but if you are a Star Wars fan you may  want to have it without the complications of the XL size version. I see that there are very few left in stock, so you may want to hurry in case you want tu purchase it, here I leave the links so you can find one that is still available:


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