Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer

When you and your baby are on a long trip, the road is not going to be an inconvenient, simply plug this Munchkin’s Travel Bottle Warmer into the car adapter to keep your baby’s milk at an ideal temperature. A digital display will indicate the temperature and the remaining time of warming. Designed to fit most baby bottles and cup holders. Super convenient for trips or quick departures.

Main characteristics
Flexible heating band that fits the bottle to quickly heat evenly.
It plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter adapter.
Ideal for all types of bottles.
It adapts to all types of car glasses.
It is safe to use with breast milk.

Some Downsides:

It takes the milk a long time to heat up, it is better to use it to keep the milk warm while traveling rather warming it up if it is cold.

The plug is a little big, so if your lighter socket is very little you can try to get an adapter.




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