Proven Ways To Calm a Crying Baby

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Asking for help is the main reason why a newborn cries. During his first months of life he will only know how to communicate through crying. A primitive alarm signal that has as a consequence the immediate response of their parents who come to attend their needs. Although sometimes this response can translate into despair and desire to accompany the baby in tears.

Why is my baby crying?

During the first months the newborn cries very often. Fortunately after the third month the time of crying will be considerably reduced.

There are several reasons that explain why a baby cries: pain, sleep, discomfort, hunger, loneliness, lack of stimulation, over stimulation, frustration. Babies can not tell us “I’m hungry”, “the diaper is wet and it bothers me” or “I get bored here lying all day” and instead have no choice but to cry … and cry, and cry … sometimes , in the eyes of his parents, without any apparent reason. Surely you have already tried everything. You have checked the diaper, you have breastfed them, and they have slept enough. Why don’t they shut up? Do not panic! During the first few months, perhaps because of its still immature nervous system, a baby can be upset or angry at anything, for example by some smells, noises or sensations to which they are more sensitive. Soon, as the days go by, you will discover what makes your baby feel bad, and best of all, what is the cause of each sob.


Advice to calm them down

Although not all tricks work for all babies here we leave you some techniques to calm your baby when the tears come out. Soon you will find the way that most comforts your little one.

Talk to them: The familiar and close sound of mom’s voice is one of the most effective ways to calm a baby. Speak slowly and gently without losing your calm. It will make them feel secure.

Touch them: Physical contact stimulate receptors in the brain that calm a baby. A good hug can reassure them. Massage is also very effective, especially they suffer from colic. An abdominal massage can sit very well. You can also lie her/him on their back and take them by the ankles, make circular movements with their legs, as if they were pedaling.

Another trick, if you they are uncomfortable with gases, is to place them on their shoulder. The belly should be at the height of the shoulder, and their head and neck hanging from behind. Hold their head well since they can not do it on their own.

To the rhythm of your heart: Hold your baby upright against your chest, so that their head rests at the height of your heart. and feel the rhythm of mom’s heartbeat.

Recreate the mother’s womb: At birth the babies arrive in a luminous, hostile and noisy world. It is normal that they miss their previous “home”. To imitate, as far as possible, their old environment can appease them. To do this, wrap them in a sheet or blanket with their arms extended along their body. keep them lying on one side or on his stomach and not on his back. Emit rhythmic noises, or you may use some youtube videos that mimic womb sounds. those were very effective with my child

A good bath: The relaxing properties of a bath of warm water added to the sound of the water falling can do wonders.

Take a drive around: Try taking your baby a couple of blocks by car. The constant movement in addition to the sound of the engine, will make them fall round.

Bring out the singer you have inside: Singing to your baby is one of the tricks that for me worked like magic. Do not worry about you tune or if you do not remember the lyrics of the song. Make it up! . Try lullabies, slow songs, etc. The body responds to music by adapting the heart rate and breathing at the speed of music.


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